Play a video

I'm am trying to develop a web page that is able to play a video. Can i do it using outSystems? If so, how can i do it?
Hi Pedro,

What do you mean by play a video? Is it something like playing a youtube video?

Hi José.
Yes it could be something like youtube.
outSystmes provide a widget to help me with that?
Hi Pedro,

You can type the <video> tag directly as an expression to your Webscreen and indicate its Escape Content property to No to render it as HTML.

Mark Chua
Hello Pedro,

A good choice is to use a jQuery plugin, and if you have some issues regarding the cross-browsing and versions of the browsers, it's even more wiser to do it. You can use a plugin like OS Flash Video Player open source embeddable flash "all in one" video Player (FLV, F4V, MOV, MP4, vimeo and youtube).
This is cool because you can configure lots of things in their online configurator/generator in here.
It's also easy to adapt and integrate it in Outsystems.
Let me know if it worked.

Kind Regards,
Thanks Mark and Gonçalo.
As soon as i have some time i will try the proposed solutions.
Can you give an example of how to use this?