I am a new user of outsystems and I am wondering if any of you have created a procurement solution that would have requisitions that would go for approval accoring to an approval flow.  It would also need to have the ability for the requester to "punchout" to the vendor web site and import the shopping cart into the requisition.  Once the requisition is approved, the buyer creates the PO and sends it back via cXML to the suppliers.  If you have an example of a program like this already created, please let me know.
Hello Vicent,

Yes indeed, we have a procurement solution that addresses most of the procurment needs, such as:

RFx Creation & Publication:
  • RFx creation from templates;
  • Qualitative supplier surveys;
  • Line item quantitative specification;
  • RFx approval workflow.
Bids Creation & Submission
  • Collaborative response creation;
  • Simplified data entry;
  • Editing of bids by supplier during the negotiation;
  • Automated notification of new RFx.
  • Bids Comparison, Review & Scoring
  • Qualitative survey responses side by side comparison;
  • Line items side by side price comparison;
  • Review and scoring of responses by multiple users of the buyer company;
  • Bid award approval workflow.
Sourcing Analysis
  • Spend analysis with drill down capabilities;
  • Supplier performance KPI definition;
  • Supplier performance reporting;
  • Creation of custom reports.
Additional Features
  • Automatic logging of all operations performed by users,;
  • Built-in auditing capabilities.

This solution also supports an integration with SAP ERP, so its a relative complex and complete solution and it can be customized to fit the customer needs. 

Do you have any particular use case you would like to discuss?


Hello Rui,  does this solution support multiple departments/companies?  Do you have b2b or punchout capability?  Do you have some screen shots or a demo I can view?  Thank you! 



I am a new user of outsystems and I am wondering if any of you have created a procurement solution  that would  fit the  gorvenment  departments

If I understand this inquiry of Procurement Solution, It appears that the inquiry does not belong to outsystems  systems. Procurement Solution is a federal Government system published by the "Business Dailly" providing the products available tor bidding.

We've got one of those too. Contact sales@itvision.com.au if you'd like some more info.

What market/country are you in?