Combobox with special list

Combobox with special list

Hi there,

I've set up a combobox with special values. That works fine in the edit screen. I then get displayed the the Option.
Hower, when I would like to show the Option in a list screen it displays the value (i.e. 1 , 2 or 3).
How can I change that to the option (i.e. Manager, Student, Associate)?

That also goes in case I would like to use an option of a special list in the Title of the edit screen.
For example it says: 'Arnold Grippeling - Manager' when the record is saved. It now says: 'Arnold Grippeling - 1' 


Hi Arnold,

Did you setup the combobox using only the specual values? Using a static entity is ok for you?

Do you have an example eSpace you can attach?

Hi Arnold,

Are you sure you need to use a special list? If you have the data on the database, you can use an Entity, or make a query to populate the Combo Box as shown on this video that explains how Combo Boxes work.
If you don't have the values that you want to display stored on the database, why not use a Static Entity to store them, as Pedro advised?
To see how Static Entities work, check out this video on the Academy.

So you simply define the Static Entity, and use it as 'Source Record List' of the Combo Box, just like you would do if you were using a regular Entity.
Thanks all for your reaction.

I haven't used a static data; the reason is that I have imported data from an existing database for which in the end I would like to convert on the Outsystems platform.
If I use a static entity, how do I treat the values that are already filled. (by the way, that crossed my mind)

I have used a special list in the Edit Verwijsbrief -> Combobox 'Discipilne'.
The values are: Ergotherapie, Fysiotherapie, Logopedie
-> just to prevent you guys from searching throughout my application :)


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Hi Arnold,

I took a look at your eSpace. I noticed that the attribute "Disicpline" in the entity "Verwijsbrief" is of type text.

Can you change it to integer and give it a try?

I also noticed that you have a bootstrap that is loading data to the "Verwijsbrief" entity. If you change the attribute to integer, you'll need to change that also.


HI Pero,

Thx for your reply and apologies for my late response.

I tried to, but then I got a database error. Ofcourse I can clone it, to have a work around.

But one other question:
In the list I can also search on discipline. I have set the following line in the preparation GetVerwijsbriefs.
Can I change the command to look for integer values (but ofcourse not for 1, 2 or 3 but for logopodie, fysiotherapie or ergotherapie?
Verwijsbrief.Disicpline like "%" + SearchKeyword + "%" or

Arnold Grippeling
Hi Arnold,

You can change the query to what you like.