Column Name case-sensitive issue

Column Name case-sensitive issue

I have used Integration Studio to import a table from an exisiting SQL Server 2008 database. The table has column name in proper case so when I use the OutSystems action I am getting error saying those column does not exists. I was suggested to create a view with column names in upper case. Doing so provides me only the Create action for the view which means I have to write my own action to update and delete. Is there any other work around this issue.

Any help is appreciated.
Hi Selvam,

The behavior you are describing (not having most actions) is because you didn't select any attribute to be a primary key.
The integration studio wont be able to detect primary keys from views, but you can set it manually in the interface.

João Rosado
I just figured it out when I set the identifier manually everything shows up as if it is like a table.

Thanks for your response.