Calling Oracle Stored Procedure from Advance Query

We are new to outsystem and want to call Oracle Stored Procedure from Advance Query with\without input output parameter.
Here is my example iam using following syntex
PRC_GET_TEST_DATA  is the name of my SP and this SP doesnt need any input parameter.

Here is the Error Log From Service Center:
Error in advanced query GetTestData in Preparation in HomePage in MainFlow in NetlinkTest (exec PRC_GET_TEST_DATA): ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

Hi Pramod,

First, Welcome to Outsystems :)
This might help:

Mark Chua
Hi Pramod,

Since your procedure doesn't have any inputs/outputs you should be able to call it directly from the advanced query. But you will probably have to turn it into pl-sql.
Try this:


Also make sure the platform runtime user has permissions for it. You may also need to prefix the procedure with the schema name if it's not on the platform admin schema.

João Rosado