license problem

Hi there,

It seems that for some reason I have a license problem:

Environment Fault: Unable to contact OutSystems Deployment Controller Service. Please make sure this service is running on 'localhost' to obtain licensing information. Please follow this link for further instructions on how to obtain your purchased license.

Can anyone help me out?
I have the community license....

Arnold Grippeling

That means that the controller service is not running for some reason.
Try to start/restart it.

You can do it by going into the windows services and making sure all the OutSystems services are up.

João Rosado
Thx Joao,

That did the trick.
But by opening my espace in the browser I got the following error:

Serverfout in toepassing /ZAP.

De bron kan niet worden gevonden.

Beschrijving: HTTP 404. Mogelijk is de door u gezochte bron (of een afhankelijkheid daarvan) verwijderd of tijdelijk niet beschikbaar, of is de naam ervan veranderd. Controleer de spelling van de volgende URL.

Aangevraagde URL: /ZAP/Home.aspx

Yesterdayafternoon my problems started; meaning that I was able to open the e-space in the browser, but no data was shown; maybe it's related to this problem?


Did you try to republish your espace?
Yes, that did the trick.

However no data is shown ( I do see all the webpages).
I have tried to solve it by publishing an older version that I had stored locally. At earlier stages that worked oke.
Therefore I was under the impression that all the espases (*.oml files) which I have exported locally kept all the data next to the webpages and logic. Is that indeed the case?
Can you shed a light on this?