Hi, I'm new at Outsystems and i have a question, 

I want to add a action, whem for example i press a specific Key on my keybord (like if i press "S" open a popup to search for something on a table),
or for example give a feedback message like: "you're not allowed to press Mouse Rightclik", on a MouseRightClick Event.

I've Specified the JavaScript Fuctions for the eSpace, and used them as extended properties on my webScreen but i must be missing something... 

Thanks in advance,

Hi Pedro, 
              The pattern that I have used in past for this is to have a hidden button the screen. You will catch the required event and the emulate the button click . You can add an action on the button. Hope this helps. 

Sorry, but im not understanding how the hidden button is going to catch the behavior i wanto, so it can preform the action related to that button. If you could provide a more detailed explanation or a simple example, i would apreciate. 

Hello Pedro,

Can you post here some examples of your code and the JavaScript Fuctions you're using, to see how are you implementing that pattern.


Good Morning, 

The goal was to block the rickcliks function, and the some keyboards shortcuts... 
I solve the issue adding, java script elements at onclick event, and onkeypress of the webScreen extended properties,
but thanks for your replies anyway. 

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I need a solution for this can any one say

 How to add two values and display the sum in another textbox using jquery or javascript.

Right now this is the logic i'm assigning to my third text box.
"$('#" +Income_Monthlyincome3.Id + "').val(Income_Monthlyincome4.TypedValue + Income_Monthlyincome2.TypedValue).val());"

Answered in:

Note that the id Income_Monthlyincome4 is known only in by the OutSystems Platform, and not by the browser. You are enclosing this id in a string, which means it will only be interpreted in the browser, where is unknown. You have to leave it outside of the string, just like you do with Income_Monthlyincome3.id.

If you look at the onblur property from the browser developer tools, you will understand the process much better.