Downloading your new Community Edition License

I have an Outsystems 6 expired free licence. After installing version 8 i received the message "We're sorry but we were unable to setup your Community Edition license. Please try again or do it manually. (".
This page has the screenshot of http://localhost/servicecenter/Activation_Info.aspx but in my case looks like there are no css neither js files referenced because i can only see unformated text and the link "update new licence" doesn't work (among others). Despite i have the license.lic to send i'm not able to send because this link is not working.
I attach an image with the screen shot of my http://localhost/servicecenter/Activation_Info.aspx.


Have you tried to use another browser? I don't know which version of IE you are using, but there should be no problem unless your security settings block javascript, and even there css should be ok.

Hi Pedro

Adding to José's suggestion, the fact that the JS and CSS files appears to be missing from your Service Center, there's also 2 other possible scenarios:

1) The IIS Static Content support feature is missing from your IIS. Please refer to step 4 of the set of instructions at, on own to install the required IIS features, and to check if they are present.
2) The Service Center failed to deploy properly in 8.0. If that's the case you might want to check if the .css and .js files exist in the folder c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\ServiceCenter.<SomeLargeNumberHere>

Let us know your findings.



Miguel Simoes Joao