Good afternoon,

suddenly we don't be able to see the images that we have stored in our database.

The problem may be related to an update of the license?

1) Version:
2) Activation Code:
3) Example of DB image url:
4) What we did in June was renew the license that had expired.

Yours faithfully,
José Amado.
Hello José,

Can you provide us the Furtado eSpace? Is the Furtado eSpace the one where you're listing the images ? If not, can you provide us that one too?

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva

In my test machine, the images are shown, but when I publish to the server the images desappear.

I attach the espace but i think the problem is with the licence or some Privileges that i have lost.

Best Regards,

Jose Amado.
I attach the espace but i think the problem is with the licence or some Privileges that i have lost.
Hi José,

Are both machines running the same platform version? The factory was fully recompiled after the platform update?
We did some changes on the database images some time ago and the URLs changed.


Yes. Both machines have the same plataform version. Should i upgrade to 8?

"The factory was fully recompiled after the platform update?"
I don't know if i understand you question? Do i need to republish all solution? System + Furtado?
If yes, it's possible to do that all at one time?


José Amado.
Yes, you can do it in one go. Create one solution with all components in the server and then publish that solution.

Hi again José Amado,

I've decoded the image URL that you've sent, and it is looking for this image:

select imagem from MARCAS where id = 27

Can you check against the database if you have this image? (running this test query).
Please notice that the url is from a Database image, you must have the images on the database (do you have any kind of bootstrap to insert those images on the database?).


Hi Helio,

yes. the image is in the database.
Hi again,

Well I can't help you more from here. 
The sequence is simple, it decodes the url and executes the query. Your database is returning some kind of error that I was assuming that was caused by not having the image there.

The url
is generating the query: "select imagem from MARCAS where id = 27"

In your TEST machine the url may be different because the database ID is probablly different (different databases, right?).
There are no licensing validations regarding database images.

If you don't find the origin of the problem you should contact outsystems' support.


Hi José,

Have you managed to solve the problem?
If you don't (and if you don't have support), you can always try to delete the eSpace folder in the Share directory an then republish it. If that doesn't work you can update the platform to a newer version an then recompile the entire factory.


Hello José

The fact that you're getting a 400 Bad request means that the request is bumping into 2 possible problems:

- the URL is being rejected by the application server itself
- the database image url is translating into an image that dones't exist.

As you've already confirmed with the help of Helio, the URL is correct, but that doesn't mean that it's actually arriving that way onto the server.

So, I would suggest a simple test to make sure we're not tracing ghosts due to network appliances tampering with the URL:

1. Logon to your server using remote Desktop
2. Access the image using the URL

If the test is successfull, then these URLs are being tampered before reaching the application server. You'll need to check network appliances, firewalls, routers that might be affectinve the URL. If that's the case, the IIS Logs (c:\inetpub\logs\logfiles\W3SVC1) should have the ral URL that is reaching the application server. You can compare to see what's different.

If the test fails, then also check the IIS logs (c:\inetpub\logs\logfiles\W3SVC1) and search for your request to determine if substatus code returned for the 400 bad request is 0. If it's not 0, then it's the IIS that is refusing the URL and not the OutSystems Platform. If that's the case, you'll need to check IIS documentation to determine possible causes for IIS blocking this URL. Usually, URL filters are the most likely cause.

Finally, if the IIS logs shows the substatus code = 0, then it's inside the Platform. In that case, I suggest the following:

- delete all folders (except ServiceCenter) form the c:\program files\outsystems\platform server\share folder
- Access Service Center, create a new solution named AllContent. In it's components, add all espaces and extensions to it.
- Publish this new AllContent solution.

Check if the problem persists.


Miguel Simões João

I identified what I believe is a bug in some situations that causes this problem, and I am submitting a support ticket now.


Was this ever resolved? 

My application's images (stored in db) are not displaying in browser after platform upgrade.

Hello Craig,

I'm unsure, this original report was in a 7.0 version. Could be related, or not.

What versions did you upgrade from and to? Is this a cloud environment (managed by OutSystems)?

If this is having impact on your business, I strongly recommend to open a support case.


I have opened a case, thank you

Hey guys, I'm having the exactly same problem.

Did you managed to find a solution?