How To Implement Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth2.0) In OutSystems

How To Implement Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth2.0) In OutSystems


Has anyone succesfully implemented an OAuth2.0 in OutSystems? If yes, can someone please help me? I don't know how to start this in OutSystems. I'm new to the Agile Platform and not quite experienced enough like you lot.

Thank you in advance. :)
I have worked with services that use it, the way to do it is to write .NET or Java code with Integration studio to do it.

If you are trying to allows others to authenticate against your system using OAuth, I suppose it can be done, but I haven't tried it.

Hi Ean,

First of all welcome to our community.

I understand you are new to the OutSystems Platform and as so I'd like to know how you are training yourself. In order to help you I need to understand if you already know some basics about the OutSystems Platform.
By the way a very good place for you to start learning about the OutSystems Platform is our free online training, make sure you check it out.

I've been implementing a component that uses Google Authentication (oAuth2.0). I'll soon post it to the forge. I'll get back to this post then. Stay tuned.

Hello André,

Thanks for welcoming me.

I am new to the OutSystems Platform but my knowledge with RESTFul Web Services is, well, 'moderate', let's just put it at that. And I just finished the free online training, thanks anyways for the recommendation.

André, Do you have a sample .oml file that I can learn from? I have a limited time on creating OAuth2 so i really need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ean,

As was really almost finishing the component. You can find it here:

Hello André, Hello Justin

Thank  you for giving the time to answer my question. Really appreciate it.