Session Table

Hi Team, Can I know in which table and schema the session data are stroed, I have a webservice which stores information in a session variable, i want to ensure that data is deleted once the response is returned.
There is a totally different catalog for the session variables. If you open Configuration Tool on your application server, you will see what the catalog name is, what username/password is accessing it, etc.

If you want to clear out the session data for the variable when the response is returned, just set the variable equal to a null/blank/zero value as it makes sense right before the END on your page.

But if you are willing to allow the session data to be cleared at the end of the page request, that tells me that you are probably using the session variable incorrectly, and should be passing parameters around instead.

As it is a webservice, the session should ideally end after each request, let me check it out in the configuration tool.
Hi Vasanth,

WebServices don't store any information in the session database because they are only needed during the request. They are only in memory.

João Rosado