I want to run the debugger on eSpaces in my Personal Area.  The following outlines what I want to do:

eSpace: 'ProductPortal' presents a product list.  User selects product.  Flow sets 'Go To Destination' widget to eSpace 'ProductActions' with input parameter = ProductId.

eSpace: 'ProductActions' presents list of possible actions to take on the selected product.  User selects action. Flow sets 'Go To Destination' widget to eSpace dependent on the selected action, such as 'ProductUpgrades', 'ProductSubscriptionRenewal', etc. with input parameters for ProductId and ProductAction.

I want to debug the espace 'ProductUpgrades' (the ultimage producer) in my Personal Area.

How do I set up the chain of Entry Espaces from consumers to producer? That is, Entry Espace for 'ProductUpgrades' = 'ProductActions', Entry Espace for 'ProductActions' = 'ProductPortal'?

If I 'Run and Debug' the 'ProductUpgrades' eSpace in my Personal Area, set the 'Entry', and click 'Open in Browser', the browser opens in the 'ProductActions' eSpace which does not have the ProductId set (which is done in the ProductPortal eSpace).  I need the browser to open in the ProductPortal in my Personal Area and proceed thru the eSpaces in my Personal Area to the 'ProductUpgrades' eSpace. 

I've tried many combinations, but either the browser gets directed to a 'Public' version or I can not get the ProductId and ProcductAction parameters passed to the 'ProductUpgrades' eSpace in my Personal Area.

What am I doing wrong?  If there is only a simple Consumer -> Producer, then all is well but what about
Consumer1 -> Consumer2(Producer to Consumer1) -> Producer? Or even longer chains of consumers and producers?

One last question.  How can the AddPersonalAreaToUrlPath function be used when a widget does not have provision for setting the destination in an expression such as the 'Go To Destination' widget?  I'm getting the impression that either I don't understand how the Personal Area works (probably true in any case) or there are some major holes in it.

Hi Bob,

Thats actually a limitation on debugging in personal areas over with public screens to different eSpaces.

Personally I would just debug it directly in the public area.

Two easy alternatives are to either manualy add your /user/ to the path after being redirected to the public or adding a screen/entry locally in the ProductUpgrades that redirects you to the screen you want to debug with the correct inputs.

João Rosado
Thanks for the quick response!  I see the limitations of using the Personal Area.  I was hopeful that I'd be able to use it to avoid flooding OutSystems with lots of versions containing small incremental changes.  My style of development/coding is to cycle thru making small changes and testing, rather than doing most of the coding, then testing.  An unfortunate side effect of the way I like to code is that when there are multiple persons working on the same eSpaces, there is the constant chore of merging changes (a process prone to errors).  Anyway, I'll work on some ways to use the Personal Area.  I think I can work out a methodology that will work for me.

Again, thanks.