How to export dynamic Columns in to excel.

How to export dynamic Columns in to excel.

Hi All,

I have a list in which some columns are displayed dynamically in the list .
I want to export the list into excel .
Can anyone explain how to do it. If it possible please provide .OML file.

Sattibabu Vatti
Hello Sattibabu,

You can use this component: excel binary reader/writer

Kind regards,
Hi sattibabu, 

You could recreate your list into a HTML table and then convert it to binary with TextToBinary action so you can download it as excel file with the download widget.


1st, create your table string with HTML syntax like so <HTML><table>  YOUR DYNAMIC TABLE HERE </table></HTM>

2nd, Convert the string to binary with the TextToBinary Action provided by the BinaryData extension.

3rd, Use your new binarydata as the input of the download widget to download as an excel file. Just make sure the filename extension is xls or xlsx.

This works because excel recognises HTML syntax and your list/table can be open as an excel file.

Hope this helps.