Session is lost when using fucntion of other Espace

I have 2 espaces. one with functions and other with web screens. on one of my webscreens expression i use a function of the other espace. when this happen my session is lost in the espace of webscreens. anyone can give me some lights about this?

thx in advance
Hi Marcelo,

Check if your espaces are configured to use the same user provider.

Yes both are using the Users as provider.

Check if there are outdated references between espaces (you can check this in service center).
In service center check if any errors are logged about this issue.
If you can, share the espaces so we can have a look...


No outdated references and i can't share the espace.

but in general log there is a "no cookie" message
Hi Marcelo,

When you say that your session is lost, what are the exactly symptoms that you're experiecing? In debug mode you're seeing the session variables losing its values?

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves
HI Ivo,

Yes is that what is happening. And then i get a error of role needed.

Best Regards
For some reason in debug mode i can't step in into the the espace that have a function. even if that espace is also in debug. Anyone have an ideia of what could be happening?
Hi Marcelo,

Sorry for the late response. 
Did you select your entry eSpace to be the one that's referencing your function? On Service Center go to "Debugger"->"Select Entry eSpace..."->Here select the eSpace that is consuming your function.

Edit: I mean Service Studio not Service center

Kind regards,
ivo Gonçalves
Where in the Service Center is that "Debugger" option?

Its in Service Studio...
I was able to debug using the "Debugger"->"Select Entry eSpace..." and the problem was the OnSessionStart of other espaces.