pagination/navigation_list not showing

pagination/navigation_list not showing

hello, me again so like what I've posted before I got the data from a web service so then put them in a recordlist then to a table I would like to use the list_navigation  for usability . I don't have any control over how many rows I would be getting

I have followed the video tutorial about navigation and tried some of the guides / tips in the forum but the navigation component is not showing on the page .

what I have done so far

I have enclosed both the navigation widget and table in one container then created an action that refreshes the container.

in the extended properties of table recording i have put name 1= style with value 1= (name of the navigation list component)

in the table records start index property i have put List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(TableRecords1.Id,True)

it seems that whatever I do the navigation list still does not show , why? and how do I fix it ?thanks
i'm going to answer partly my own question, I was able to make the widget list visible by declaring totarowcount and linecount as currentrownumber and lenght of the recordlist.
Hi Jet,

If how don't have many records to show, then the pagination is not displayed. An example:
If you specify that your TableRecords should only display 50 records, but your query is returning 1000, then you need to display the pagination.
But, if the query only fetched 5 records, the pagination widget is not going to be displayed (it would not make sence).

So review the video in the Academy, and play close attention to:
  • Query.MaxRecords property
  • TableRecords.LineCount, and StartIndex properties
  • ListNavigationWidget.LineCount and TotalTowCount properties
If you ever wonder what a property is used for, just place your mouse on top of the property to read its documentation, your press F1 to see the documentation.

As an example is here the documentation of the Simple Query properties.