Conditionally hide values in a record table list object

Conditionally hide values in a record table list object

I have a record list on a page, in which some fields are numeric integers. Those sometimes have the value of 0.00 in which case I would rather have the list widget to show nothing at all since the 0.00 is destracting the user.
So I would like to conditionally format the value to a blanc if the value is 0.00

Is there a way to do this? I have searched the forum and found a null value setting but that seems to be only in case of input widgets can't find it in the record table list widget ?

Hello Marcel,

   To hide the 0.00 in the WebScreen you can simply put the expression inside an If Widget and evaluate the value of the ListRecord to 0.00.

    You can find more information about it at

Hi Marcel,

In this video at the Academy, they discuss how to use a UI IF.
Depending on your scenario, you should also consider using a List Remove, to remove the entries containing 0 from the list you are going to display.
Thank you very much André and Joao for your efforts! 
I managed to implement the if widget as advised and it works like a charm. 
For any developer starting with OutSystems help from more experienced users like you is essential.
Thank you.