downgrade from Enterprise Trail to Community Edition

Hi all,
I have used an enterprise trial version which has expired.
So the data is in SQLServer, but I can not use the espace to do a nice unload.
I removed the Enterprise and installed the Community version.
I copied the relevant parts of the (old) espace e.g. data- and xls- structures and rebuilded the webscreens.
During development I could see the webscreens were using the real data.
After the publish I got only empty tables.
How can I force the application to use the existing data ?
/ or /
How can I migrate the data to the new espace part in SQLServer?


Bert            <><

Hi Davide,
I was lucky and had an untouched backup of the VM.
I have put my laptop back to a save date and started the old VM.
I could extract the data.

So now I can create a new VM with a clean situation and rebuild from scratch.
I could try to untangle the Enterprise manager from the version 5 eSpace.
What would be the best route for a migration and cleanup?


Hi again,

I think you'll be better off with option 1, rebuilding and then simply doing a data migration.
No point in messing around with Enterprise Manager.