"Enable Timers" on multiple front-end servers

Is there any information out there that explains how it works when you enable timers on multiple front-end servers? Right now, I only have it enabled on one front-end server becaus eI just do not understand what will happen if I turn it on for more than one. Specific questions:

* If one of those servers goes offline while running timers, do all the timers get run anyways?

* Do the servers split the load of running the timers? Or does one server always run the timers with the others as failovers?

* Under what conditions would I NOT want all servers to run timers?


Hi Justin,

Here are my 2 cents:
  1. If you have more than one server running timers, that means that, any of the server can run a specific timer. So even if a server is down, other server will run the timer.
  2. Timers can run in any of the servers marked as able to run timers. *Not Sure about the logic for a given server to be picked instead of the another.*
  3. I'd say that if you have heavy processing timers, and you don't want to impact your end users, then one of the ways is to have a specific server only to run timer (and off the load balancer).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ruben! I think I'll be enabling timers on the rest of my servers. :D