Which order management application is presented in this video? (OutSystems Platform Overview)

Is it Open source? I cant seem to find it anywhere.
Hi Robert!

The application in the video is our Order Management Demo application. We use this application in our demos to show an example of a good-looking-medium-complexity-differentiating-application with integration with SalesForce, SAP, Sharepoint and google maps.

As a demo application some of its funcionalities are not fully implemented and therefor it's not suitable to be shared in the Forge. 
If you are looking for the application code, check the attached solution!

Enjoy! :D
Why is being incomplete make it unsuitable to share in the forge?

Maybe someone could pick it up and build on it and improve it ...
Thanks Marcio

That is ok that its incomplete; I saw the UI design in the presentation video and just wanted to have a peek at the solution :)

You're welcome Robert!

Thanks for your comment Ricardo. My point is that this is a demo application with the purpose of highlighting the various benefits and details of the platform. It's creation and evolution is tailored by the new capabilities of the platform. Although it puts together a lot of interesting functionalities (many from exisiting Forge components), It lacks the "closure" of a real application and it would require a significant effort to make it Forge-ready (and to maintain it).
I think sharing it here allows anyone to review it, reuse parts of it and even turn it to something reusable.