Integrating Yfiles for HTML with outsystems

I am trying to integrate a Yfiles for HTML chart in an outsystems application. I can successfully show a graph without problems on a standalone page, but when i integrate it on outsystems, the graph glitches out: i can't zoom properly and the node elements disappear. Has anyone tried to integrate Yfiles in their application that can lend me some help?
While analyzing the canvas with firebug, i can see that resizing the graph changes it's internal HTML structure... does Outsystems prevent dynamic html changes from other sources?
Hi Ricardo,

I never tried to use Yfiles, but there is no code to "prevent dynamic html changes".

Can you give eSpace example where the problem occurs?

João Rosado

Sorry, i should have replied the solution to this. What was causing my issue was that the web screen had a CSS rule that was not allowing the dedicated <div> to assume it's needed 100% horizontal dimension. I fixed it by passing a fixed width. I just assumed it was something related to the HTML code, because inspecting changes to the graphic changed the HTML composition of the elements themselves.