Client Side Tabs

Client Side Tabs

I have created a Client Side Tab layout with three tabs.  Tab one has a RecordList, ab two has some dummy text and tab three has a line graph.  When entering the page for the first time, the first tab is displayed with the RecordList shown.  If I select tab two I see the dummy text.  When selecting tab three the tab is empty (no graph). If I press F5 to refresh the page, the graph appears.  How do I make sure the graph has rendered when the page is loaded?
Hi Colin

I'm assuming that you're using version 8 of the platform, and so, the new charting component.

Can you check in your browser's debug console if you have any javascript error?
Confirming that I have also seen this behaviour Pedro.

I checked the console and could not get any errors. I tried making an example of this but could not reproduce the error.

I also checked the over different browsers such as IE, Safari and Chrome - all had the same result. 

In the earlier versions of V8 this worked fine but around the 8.10x onwards this appeared.

We just created a tabs page in the project I'm in with no trouble at all. Do you have an example espace that you can share?
Pedro, just to confirm we are using
Hi Colin,

You are mentioning that the last tab has a graph, it´s possible that the problem is not on the Tab's but in the fact that when the graph is render, in fact is not visible. Can you adjust the load of the graph to happen only when the third tab is active?
We are using
Nuno - I saw this some time ago and if my memory serves me correctly;

Had 3 tabs - all were visible (but of course only the 1st in focus) - graph on tab1 worked but did not render on the other tabs.

Colin - can you check to see if this problem occurs on an i-pad using say Chrome? I recall the i-pad rendering the graphs fine on the i-pad.

When I get a chance I will try and reproduce.  I am now working on a new application.  Thanks for all your comments