Certificate Authenticity of the server certificate

Certificate Authenticity of the server certificate

I need to verify the authenticity of the server certificate on HTTPS connections before sending data or carrying out HTTP authentication using an external webservice. There is the system action ClientCertificateGetDetails but I tried to used it but did not returned data. Is there an example how to use it? I'm using the platform version 6.
Silvia -

That is because "ClientCertificateGetDetails" is to be used to get the certificate details that the user has sent to the server as part of SSL (SSL can optionally allow a *client* to also send a certificate in order to identify itself to the server).

The right way to do this would be to write a .NET or Java extension in Integration Studio that performs an initial connection to the destination server and verifies that the certificate is valid.

That said, I would *think* that the Web Service call would fail if you are using HTTPS and the certificate is invalid.


I'm fairly certain the authenticity of the certificate is checked without need for any extra code. When a certificate is invalid an error along the lines of "Could not establish trust relationship for SSL/TLS secure channel" is thrown before any data is sent.