Bootcamp Costs

I'm very interested in attending one of the five day boot camps coming up in December but cannot find the cost anywhere.  Can someone tell me what all the bootcamps cost?  I assume the one day online one is free.  Thanks!

Just find your date in the academy tab and click on it pre-register - no string attached.
OutSystems will send you all the information.

I was going to do that but it says information will be sent two weeks before the class.  I need to know the cost way before that as I'm not going to commit money to a flight if the price doesn't work for me.  Also, I don't want to take up a spot and with two weeks to go cancel because of the price.  For me the real issue is why is this a big secret?  Just be up front with pricing.  This applies to the product also.
Hi Curt,

The information sent 2 weeks before is the preparation work for the class. Payment and price information is taken care before that.

I can understand Curt's reservations. In fact, there is no mentioning of it having a tuition fee AT ALL, so people could easily think it is for free, which is not that uncommon. If you don't want to mention the price upfront (why not?) at least you could mention that it actually HAS a price-tag. It doesn't seem right to surprise people with a sudden cost for something they could have perceived as being free?
Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your feedback.
Our classroom training actually has a tuition fee (and I really don't know any presential training that doesn't have one). This fee is not public because it varies according to region and currency. If anyone wants a quote for a boot camp seat all they have to do is get in contact with us via The best way is really to select the date and pre-register, no strings attached. We'll provide you with all the information, including pricing and preparation work for the boot camp.
We favor this method in order to provide the information that is suited for every specific case.

Ok, I just registered for the San Francisco class on Dec 9-13.  Thanks for the info.