Open pop'up out another pop'up

Open pop'up out another pop'up

Hello friends!

I have the following problem, I have a pop'up and inside I have a link to another pop'up, wanted this second pop'up be opened outside the first pop'up not inside the window first.

Since the pop-up opened by first lose focus

Does anyone know how I can do this?
Cleyton -

You could do it in theory. Put the link to the second popup on the *base* page, and pass into the popup the Widget ID of that link. Then, in the popup, have the link go to an Action that calls WidgetClick using that passed-in ID.

I *suspect* that you won't be happy with the results, that the second popup would overlay the first.

That said... this is a pretty bad idea overall in terms of the UI. Web browsers simply do not do the multiple dialog design very well at all, and when I see someone ask a question like this (along with "I want a popup to open up inside my popup"), the BEST advise possible is to re-evaluate your workflow and find a better way to handle this. Even if you got it working at a technical level, you are probably creating a bad user experience.

Thanks JJ

Already I did exactly what you said, and it happened even pop up the second makes the first to be closed, this idea was not good! Because my goal was to lose only the first focus and I could select something and return this thing to pop up first.

I think I see have to do my own pop up without using the native OutSystems.
Hi, I wanna navigate by forms inside a popup. I already did this but when a form is smaller than the previous the popup did not resize. It resizes only when navigating to greater form. So I have an ideia to close the currente popup and notify the main screen to open another popup with the previous or next form. How can I call the popup editor from inside an action? It´s possible to do this? Thx
Rogerio -

You can use the Popup_Editor_Close action inside a screen action on the Popup to close it. You can use Popup_Editor_Notify to send a message to the parent page that "something has happened." The Popup_Editor Widget on the parent has an Action that gets called when that Notify happens. In that Action tied to the Notify, you can call WidgetClick on another link/button (hidden with display: none) to trigger the second popup.

My exprience has been that while this works, it is not a smooth experience due to the number of different calls, it feels a bit slow to the user, even with fast servers and fast connections.