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Published on 2015-09-10 by Luis Filipe Oliveira
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Published on 2015-09-10 by Luis Filipe Oliveira
The iTextSharp extension is using iTextSharp v5.4.40. This library has AGPL v3 licensing wich means that you can not use iTextSharp on closed source projects. To use iTextSharp on closed source project you must pay for a commercial license:


iTextSharp v4.1.6 was the last version released with MPL & GLP license, that you could use on closed and open source projects.

I see...
I had this code sitting around for a while, using an older version of the dll, and decided to share it since someone asked how to merge PDFs.
Before I published, I updated to the latest version of iTextSharp and didn't notice that license change.

Thanks for the heads up Carlos. I'll revert the change. :)
You can use v4.1.6, and don't mind about licensing. You can still get this version:


If you want to use the latest v5 you need to put at least a warning about the license in the extension ;)

I also use that library for pdf merge, and I still use the 4.1.6 version and it works great.