Update OS Entity from External data

We have created a connection to an external table using Integration Studio (

What we'd like to do is to create a new Action, that will recurse through all of the rows in an external table and add or update records in an OS Entity using the CreateOrUpdatexxxxxx  method on the OS entity.

I have attached a Word document that has screen shots of what we have entered so far, including the error that is displayed.
The problem appears to be that the TYPE of the external data and the TYPE of the OS Entity aren't the same.

Any ideas?
Hi Colin,

You need to have a variable Record of the type of the entity.
And in the cycle before the CreateOrUpdate, you have to assign each attribute.
I've done that but I get one more error (please see attached).  Do I need to do a conversion of some type?

Yes, you need to use a function IntegerToEntityRefInteger or TextToEntityRefText if your Id is text.
Perfect!!  Thanks for your help