Tutorial on SetCookie?
Search the forum, nothing on it.

I wonder how to use the SetCookie and GetCookie Action anyone can teach me? what parameter needed

Hello David Chen,

The usage of this two methods is really pretty simple.
This example shows the actions used in the preparation of two screens.


CookieName = Name you want do give to your cookie.
CookieValue = The value you want to give to the cookie.
CookieExpirationSpan = Cookie expiration span in minutes. If lower than or equal to zero the cookie will only be valid during current session.
CookiePath = Defaults to path of the current eSpace, Tenant and Personal Area combination.
CookieDomain = Defaults to the current domain.


CookieName = Name given to your cookie.

This method returns the value for the specified cookie and, according to its existence you can take different actions.

Hope this little explanation can help you.
Any doubt, just ask.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M.

Hello, I'd like to ask how to call up components like GetCookie and SetCookie.

WOW! Thanks so much!!!
David Chen wrote:
WOW! Thanks so much!!!
Good to know it helps..

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