Upload and download the a document

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I have requirement where an user should be able to upload a document(pdf or docx).There can be multiple versions of the same document user can upload.Later when user clicks on a button or link he should be able to view the latest version of the document which he has uploaded.I tried to use the upload wiget but how to track the file name of the documnet which is uploaded.


The upload widget has a property for the file name, Upload1.Filename:

Then you can use it in a log or something specific for your app, ex: create a log that has the file name and the user that did the file upload.

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I have a need, in which user can browse any document file and do the upload and user can see in uploaded file list. Also user can download original file or can open for read.

Hi Narendra. The "browse to upload" works like in any upload button. The action to save the file must insert it into database (remember to save simple info like Name, Date, Size in one table and binary in another connected by id).
To read/download the difference is one check in the "Save to Disk" option the download component offers.
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Yes.. "browse to upload" is working fine in terms of database table to save file name, type, image content in binary and other details too. But my concern is different, I need to save file on server like Asp.net. Here we can save actual file on server with predefined path.
Also you can take the refrence of below .net program link:


Hi Narendra,

This is something you will want to customize in your app using the Network FileSystem Forge component. There, you can impersonate the correct user for accessing the file system on the app server.

See link: http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/99/network-filesystem/

Hope this helps!

Thanks Issac..Let me try.
I have attached My oml... When i upload a document i need to have a field to show the name of the document after uploading.... I have tried with many fields..! and also when i view the details i need to view the exact file of that particular employee.... Please help me to fix this....