Uninstall Outsystems and all its components

Uninstall Outsystems and all its components

How do you uninstall the Outsystems platform and all its components?
Hi Ikraam.

You can uninstall the platform through the usual ways: Add/Remove Programs (in Windows) or using the yum package manager on Linux.


I installed the community edition.

Add/Remove Programs works for the Integration Studio and Service Studio, but the services Scheduler, Deployment cannot be uninstalled this way. 
Have you uninstalled the item "OutSystems Platform Server"?
That should remove all the services.

Are you getting any kind of error during the process?
Thanks, that solved it.

I think it was my anti-virus software that caused problems with the uninstall.
I turned off the anti-virus protection this time.
I'm glad it worked.

Anyway the AV shouldn't constitute a problem for an uninstall. Can you provide us with the name and version of the antivirus you're using? That way we can try to reproduce the problem in our test environments and make the appropriate fixes.
Avast Free Antivirus
version 8.0.1497