Hi Guys, I have trouble opening an application with 1 modules that I developed. The error when opening is "There was an error contacting 'my host location' " So I always have to go service center and to that application and download the latest published oml and work from there. However, I recently upgraded my service studio from 7 to 8 and now when I tried to open that application and upgrade using the downloading oml from the service center way it gives Error opening eSpace and the description says:

ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace+LazyLoadException: Error lazy loading NodesNotShownInESpaceTree of /UserActions.OHl7uZ4Gn0i69Yoo9gtDTA in eSpace 'Alpha' ---> System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'ServiceStudio.Model.Resource' to type 'ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace'.
   at ServiceStudio.Model.AbstractObject.get_OwnerESpace()
   at ServiceStudio.Model.AbstractObject.ToString()
   at DebugExtensions.MustBe(Object obj, Object otherObj)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#HFi.#7Ei()
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#gFi.Execute(CollectionIndex collectionIndex, XElementReader reader, Func`1 ownerESpaceGetter, Action action, Boolean closeReader)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#HFi.#GFi(AbstractObject parent, CollectionIndex collectionIndex)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#que.#L3j()
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#q4j.#p4j()
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#Rpi[#Spi](Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#Rpi(Action action)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#que.#K3j()
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#Tpi(Action action)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#Poi(AbstractObject parent, CollectionIndex collectionIndex)
   at ServiceStudio.Model.ESpace.#Ooi(AbstractObject parent, CollectionIndex collectionIndex)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.Framework.ProgressDialog.RunWorkerThread(PresenterContext presenterContext, Action optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass48.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__46()
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoSlowOperation[ReturnType](IAggregatorView aggregatorView, Func`1 operation)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass48.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__45()
   at ServiceStudio.WPFExtensions.WpfExtensions.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Application app, Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorView aggregatorView, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.#tN4.#PQm()
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.DisableCommandProcessingIn(Action action)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorPresenter aggregator, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.#xHm.#vHm()
Hi David,

It's very strange not to be able to open the eSpaces directly from Service Studio, unless you have some antivirus that is intrusively modifying network connections (we've already identified such issues with some versions of Kaspersky in the past which, on certain conditions, cut the XML content of webservice calls).

As for the eSpace that you can't currently open, we need the file in question to be able to help you further. You can send us the OML by submitting the error to OutSystems through Service Studio. If you're unable to do so, you can send me the OML to miguel.ventura@outsystems.com.

Hi Miguel

I doubt it is my anti virus. My work computer uses NOD32, while my personal computer uses Avast. And also, it used to work, this project of mine has 800 versions, i can't remember exactly when, but it was at around 500 version that i had to go service centre to download latest and open the oml  from there. Anyhow, this project has been upgraded to version 8 and now I can continue work on it so its fine

Hi David,

We have a lot of environments with a much larger number of versions, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Do you still need to download your eSpaces frmo Service Center or can you open them again directly throguh Service Studio?