OutSystems Platform Services Logs


You may be wondering whether the OutSystems Platform has logs of its services in case anything goes wrong. You can find the logs at:
  • Java Stack - /opt/outsystems/platform/logs
  • .NET Stack - you can find the logs using the Event Viewer
You may also notice that there are several files, but they are basically divided into 2 groups:
  • <filename>.log - The most recent log file
  • <filename>.log.<date> - Older log file

The name of the file is pretty straighforward, so you'll easily understand that there is a log file for each service running: Log service, Deployment controller, Deployment service, Scheduler service, and Compiler service.
Depending on your stack you may also find logs for other kinds of tools like the Configuration Tool.

To learn how to customize the information logged by the OutSystems services, check the How To Setup OSTrace