Does anyone have a quick way of stripping out the punctuation from a string?
Hi Gerry,

Just look for "diacritics" in the Community. 

You'll probably find a bunch of good ways to do that:
- RemoveDiacritics component at
- some posts even give you the actual code to do it:

Happy coding!


Using Regex_Replace(Text,"[^\w\s]","",True,True) (from Text extension) works pretty good too.
Great to know another way of doing that. Thanks for sharing, Gerry!
Can someone help me out with the proper systax for the Pattern field?  The box stays red and doesn't like anything I put in it.  I'm just trying to strip out A-Z & a-z to leave only numbers and the decimal point from an input field.

Extra Info:
We're running version 6
I'm a Sys Admin not a programmer.
I'm trying to use the Regex_Replace Action from the Text Extension before running the CreateOrUpdate Action.

Thank You,
Hi David,

The Pattern field is a Text field and as so you'll need to provide a string with begining and ending quotes (").
If your pattern needs to use a quote then you'll have to double it ("").

Hope this helps you
Thanks Andre, yes quotes are needed but I'm still not doing something right as the record does not get saved if I put a alpha character in the input field. 

Here's my Regex_Replace Action
Name - Clean_CMID
Action - Regex_Replace
Text - EditRecord1.Record.Atty_Files.CMID
Pattern - "A"  (just for testing)
Replace - "0"  ( I actually want to replace with nothing)
IgnoreCase - True

Hi David,

After the RegEx_Replace Action you must assign the output of it to your record.
Go check our Online Training, it will help you get started! This video shows you how to assign a value before you save it to the database, in your example instead of the FK from the other entity what you want is to assign the output of the regexp action.

Thanks again Andre, I thought about that last weekend but I was already in vacation prep mode so I didn't try it until today.  I added an Assign operation and once I got the Variable and Value set correctly it worked fine.  For some reason I always get those backwards when I first setup an Assign.  :\