Managed app with iPad

Managed app with iPad

I deployed an application in Outsystems 8 and an icon to the application URL was deployed via Mobile Iron to iPad users. The application basically works however, when any tab is hit (i.e. go to another page), it goes back to the log in screen and asks the user to log in again.

When the app initially comes up, there are no browser controls. Once you bounce back to the login, and you log in again, everything is fine. Note that after the second login, you can see the browser URL, etc... Something's not right.

Has anyone seen anything like this and know how to work around it?
Gerry -

There are a couple of things going on here:

1. The opening from the icon without browser controls is expected, desirable behavior from iOS, it makes it feel more like an app.

2. The sudden bounce from the "fake app" to Safari is a mis-match in SSL. Either all of your mobile pages must be set to use SSL, or none of them, otherwise you see that behavior.

3. We've seen seeing some strange behavior around cookies and the "Save to Home Screen" ourselves; basically, NOTHING we do with the cookies is taken effect, and when the application is opened to the home screen, it is obviously using a separate cookie jar than Safari. I've put it through the debugger and the cookie Safari got is working as expected, but the "fake app" always uses the same, old value, no matter what we do. It is VERY frustrating. We diagnosed this today and have put a message to folks at OutSystems, I beleive it is an iOS issue, not an OS problem at this stage in the game, put I will continue to try to see what I can do. If we find an answer, I'll try to remember to post details here.

Thanks Justin. I've managed to workaround it for now by having the Admin turn off "full screen" for the "fake app" in Mobile Iron.