Why is outsystems called as OUTSYSTEMS?

Why is outsystems called as OUTSYSTEMS?

Happy New Year To all of You. I did spend most of my time in Outssytems last year and it was a great ending.

All this long I had one question in my mind which is : Why is outsystems called as OUTSYSTEMS? I somehow feel that name is strange ? Is there anybody who thinks the same ?
Ravi -

Honestly... I've wondered the same thing myself but never thought to ask!

Hi guys,

Our initial vision was that eventually all IT "systems" would migrate "out" of enterprise data centers and be supported by Application Service Providers - ASPs and we went and built a platform to support that opportunity. We could not foresee that the "out" would be eventually called "cloud":)

Neat bit of history there, thanks! Now I know what to tell folks when they ask me. :)

You can check Paulo's blog post for the full timeline:
A Cloud Platform before its time.

Now it makes some sense regarding Outsystems name...thanks for your replies and really exciting to see if there will be a better name to the platform. After all the platform has a lot of capabilities and the end user should get some fascination and attracted by the name.  A first impression is the best impression :)