Connection to the error was reset. Server returned status error.

Hi All,

Can someone help me on what causes this kind of error??

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Hi, Regie.

Where do you get this error?
You can trace the error using FireBug (Firefox plug in). Should be enough at least to understand from where this error it's trigged.

Hope it helps you.

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Daniel Martins.

Hi Daniel,

Im in the same team as regie, can you further explain this error or the probable cause, and what can we do to fix this error.


It looks like a networking issue, nevertheless you can get some feedback from OS support.

Do you notice other network communication problems in other applications on the same server?

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This is NOT a networking error. I can CONSISTENTLY produce this error while running on one of my production servers addressing When I got it on my client, I had Chrome tools and Fiddler open, and all requests made by the client came back with a proper 200 status.


Hi Diane, Regie and Justin.

I heard it through the grapevine, but this issue might be related with this bug fix, avaialable on version
  • Fixed Feedback Message error when navigating to a different URL while a AJAX request is being processed (#590137)

You should consider upgrade to the latest revison available. It would be great to have your feedback.


I had the same error after updating to version, then I made the update to and still had the same problem.
In my case I verified that the url was being poorly detected, the webscreen was detected "/page" instead of "/page.aspx", after changing the name of the webscreen the situation was resolved

Pedro C.

I haven't seen it in our own applications since the upgrade. 
I had the error last Friday in the outsystems support portal. But I forgot to inspect the chrome dev-kit.