Instaling LifeTime

Instaling LifeTime

Hi Guys

I am instaling LifeTime, but before I ask question, here is a little info

we have 3 servers for below models

Server 1: Development with its own SQL Database (we will use this for testing as well) Has Platform Server 8, Service Studio 8, Integration Studio 8, LifeTime, SQL DB, has a domain EX: (,

Server 2: Production (in which our client will visit here for their application) Has Platform Server 8, Service Studio 8, Integration Studio 8 (doesn't have a domain but has a IP address that I can visit, EX: In few weeks we will have another domain but for now can I use the domain that I have for the development

Server 3: Production's SQL Database. Has SQL DB

On the LifeTime Installation Checklist, Step 2, it talked about grouping modules into applications, but I don't get it completely

Currently, I have 3 application developing for 2 clients (1 application for 1 client, 2 applications for another client, but the 2 application reference each other) Furthermore, within these 3 application have also reference to the application I downloaded from the forge for example, reCatcha, 

Step 3 it states, appropriate environment, dedicated vs existing, I am not sure which apply to me so I skipped this step

After installed, and opened LifeTime, I was given a screen to assign url for development, test, product

For development, I tried using: and clicked on register, then there is a window popup says loading or configurating or loading. After waiting for 30 minutes, it was still going on so I am not sure how to set this part up


David -

Make sure that you open up the appropriate ports on each server (80 and 443) to be open to the front-end servers of the environment you are installing Lifetime in. Also, there is a screen in the process (I forget each one) that looks like it is doing something, when really it has a "Finish" or "Done" or "Complete" button or something like that which you need to click.

Well my server actually has other port open
my server provider gave us 3 ip address to remote in
ip:9900. Has an external IP address   Dev 
sameip:9901 has an external IP address prod
?sameip:9902 prod SQL 
So how should I enter for dev?
And leave test empty?
Hi David,

Regarding the part of grouping modules (eSpaces) into applications, that part is only relevant if you are upgrading from an OutSystems Platform < 7. Since versions below 7 didn't have the 'application' concept, when you are upgrading to version 7, all your eSpace modules will be grouped in a single application called 'Independent Modules'. 
Since LifeTime only allows you to deploy applications and not eSpaces, if you do not group them into applications, Lifetime will only allow you to deploy a single application with all your eSpaces (which isn't what you intend).

The step 3 about installing LifeTime on a dedicated environment or the production environment explains that LifeTime should be installed in a single environment in your infrastructure (unlike Service Center, that is supposed to be installed in all environments).
When choosing in which environment you should install, the technote gives you 2 options:
  • Install LifeTime in a dedicated environment (an environment that only has Service Center, System Components, and LifeTime running)
  • Intall LifeTime in your Production Server.

I Have already installed Development, Quality and Production environments (version 8) installed on different servers. And they had their years of history of modules and applications. 

I want to add up Lifetime on another different environment/server. To manage all environments easier. I Think it's recommended yes?

 I suppose the steps for this are:

1-Check users have the same username in all environments,

2-Group Modules into applications

3- Install Platform Server

4- Deploy lifetime.OSP (a soltution file which exists already in the other environments...any file in those machines will do right?)

5-Configure Lifetime

Also is there any expected impact on the other environments (DEV, Quality and Production)? Should I be worry? I will make a backup anyway,

But I am hoping it doesn't has any negative impact on the performance of the other environments or any change in database in those environments it that simple? I hope so...