agile hanging

When I click one link in my app it has suddenly started hanging.  It will, after 15 minutes, finally open the requested espace.  I can't figure out how to troubleshoot this isse.
However, I did notice that there are a lot of email errors at the same time as this issue occurs.  I don't know why these email would attempt to send at that moment.
So, how can I troubleshoot this?  Also, how do I configure how often and for how long the emails try to resend?  How do I just kill them?
seems like it didn't save my screen capture the first time
Tammy -

Click the details for the "Request timed out." line.

Likely culprits:

* Infinite loop in the code
* Network connectivity issues

I don't think it's network connectivity becasue everything but this link works as it is supposed to
I don't think it's an infinite loop but i can't check because I put a break in the preparation of the espace i'm linking to but it never goes there :(
Tammy -

Debugging across eSpaces has a couple of... surprises... for those who haven't done it before. Are you following the procedure for doing that? Or did you just set a breakpoint in the other eSpace?

do you use any virus software like Kaspersky ??
Disable it and then start debugging :-)
Maybe a large query on a database?

Would be best if you can you post a screen shot of the link and then the preperation screen of where the link points to so we can take a look?
Thank you all for your replies!
Justin made me realize that the preparation in the current screen wasn't the only one...there were a couple of web blocks with their own preparations in another espace! 
seens one of those preparations had a loop that would misbehave the first time it ran