Using the new Personal Edition, I added a resource ( a .TXT file) that I will eventually import into an entity.  I just wanted to verify that the file got published and it worked great.  Since this was just a test, I then deleted the resource from my eSpace and expected the file to be removed from the PE server.  As far as I can tell, it's still there.  Obviously, when I have my own server this is simple to resolve.  How do I do it in the cloud?  (I would hate for all the disk space to be used up because we can't remove files.)

If I need to create an Idea for this, let me know.  I did some searches there and didn't find anything like this.
Hi Curt,

The file should have beem deleted if you published the espace without it.
Since it's a static resource what you seen may have been effects of the cache.
Try again to see if the file is there or even add a suffix to the url to force cache to note used ( like /yourfile.txt?anysuffix )

João Rosado
Yes, it was likely a cache issue.  Thanks.