Call Current Screen after Download

hello to all!

I need to call the current screen after using the download control. How can I do?

Best Regards

Eduardo -

You really can't do that in a straight forwards way, due to the way the HTTP works. At best, you could add some jQuery that catches the click() of the link/button that starts the download, waits a period of time, and then clicks something else, or PERHAPS you can use "RunJavaScript" in the Action that ends in Download to make it happen, but I highly doubt it.

Hi Eduardo,

To better be able to answer you I you like to know what you mean by "call" a screen. Can you try to explain the use case/flow that you are trying to implement?

That said, the use of download nodes have some restrictions due to the way the browsers treat the download responses. In general they behave like if you were leaving the page, so the control is a bit limited.

João Rosado