How do I set the Date & Time in the Personal Environment?

How do I set the Date & Time in the Personal Environment?


Can I change the Date & Time in the Personal Environment (Service Center)?
The CurrDate() and CurrDateTime() seem to default to Lisbon time [DateTime of the Server].

The way I am doing it right now is by, replacing all usages of CurrDateTime() with a function MyDateTime(), which adds/substracts Hours and Minutes to the CurrDateTime() [in my case +3 hours].

You can't at the moment.

Since personal editions share a common server, changing the server time for your date would affect all other users on that server.

You current approach seems like a good one :).

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Ricardo Silva
This is definitely something that needs to be looked at.  If I'm using a hybrid environment where development is in the cloud and production is a local server, your code now would have to be aware of the timezone that the server is running in.  There needs to be a Service Center option, much like the ability to set the date format, to set the server timezone.  In addition, all the date/time functions (or new ones) need a new parameter indicating the time zone that the date/time should be returned for.  So, if the server is GMT and I ask for CurrDateTime(EST) the value would be the correct date and time for the Eastern US timezone.  

I'd be happy to take some time and make a fulling fleshed out idea for this if that is needed.
Hi all.

I just added an extension to ease the support to multiple time zones or time zones different from the server.

Going to that link for downloading it never shows the red Download button, just says 'processing ' with a bouncy ball.
Hi Curt,

Found that also. I already reported it and I hope it should be fixed soon.

Looks like the link is fixed.  Unfortunately, the file name Time.Zone-1.0 causes the publish to fail.  Change the file name to TimeZone-1.0 (no period between time and zone) and it works.
There should be a site property where this can be set. Conversion and substractions can cause problems and/or faults (because everything should contain the conversion).

I think a timezone setting is essential for using (shared) cloud server solutions. Imho a must have functionality for an international target solution
The previous response looks like spam as that site has products that appear to have nothing to do with Outsystems.

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