Can I pass text string from query into Value of Expression in ListRecord?

Hi All,

Just recently ran into an issue. When I input ListRecords1.List.Current.LISTING2.HSN into the value field for an expression of ListRecords1, the runtime result is great. If I return ListRecords1.List.Current.LISTING2.HSN either from a static entity or a simple query and place the result of the query into the "Value" field, at runtime all I get is "ListRecords1.List.Current.LISTING2.HSN" in the resulting Html. I feel like im missing something simple. How can I turn a query output of text string back into a value that behaves properly at runtime?


Hi Julius,

You can't convert strings in runtime to the actual expressions values. Expressions need to be validated in design time (to guarantee type safety) and evaluated in compile time (compiled code for performance and protection against security issues like code injection).

So a string from a query (or any other source) in runtime will not work as an expression evaluated at runtime.

What are you trying to achieve? Can't you just use If widgets to model the different possibilities?

João Rosado
Hi Julius,

I'm sorry but I can't quite understand what your problem is.
Please see this video on how to List Records from the Database. Although the video uses a TableRecords, the procedure is the same for ListRecords.

If you haven't already, I would suggest following the Academy training videos from the start. They will probably answer your doubts regarding how to fetch and display data, customize screens, implementing server-side logic, ...