Autocomplete issue with list's display

Hi guys!

I would like to ask something about the Input Autocomplete widget. It seems that inside a popup, the autocomplete appears in the top-left corner of the popup. It only happens sometimes. I am much concerned about the users. It could be disturbing for them if they see their auto-completes appear from nowhere instead of below the text input.

I hope you could help me with this. And by the way, I am using the version 8.0 of OutSystems Platform.


Hi Julius, 
When you say that it only happens some of the times, do you mean that when you open the same pop-up sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, or do you mean that in some pop-up it occurs and in others don't? I'm trying to understand if it could be an issue with some particular popups where it happens consistently or a random behaviour in all popups.