Record Fields not displaying right

Record Fields not displaying right

Hi All

I am very new to the Outsystems platform as well as quite new to development. I am having trouble with fields that are not displaying correctly when I show a specific record. The record that is shown has fields that has relationships to other entities. The problem is that it is displaying the Autonumbe of the Id instead of the field value. I don't know how to really explain myself so I have attached a screen shot and circled in red is my problem.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Hi Rudi,

If you have relationships than you need to drag and drop the FK attributes into the ShowRecord widget. You'll probably get some errors because you also have to have those relationship entities in the query that feeds this ShowRecord... go back to the query in the preparation and add those entities. By the looks of it those are probably Static Entities.

Since you new to the OutSystems Platform a great place for you to start learning all these concepts is our Online Training. Be sure to check it out!

Hi Andre

Thanks for the quick response, I have added the entities to the preparation query. What is the FK attributes that I need to drag and drop. Sorry. I am going through all the training material as I get some time.

Kind Regards

Hi Andre

Sorry, just miss understood the lingo, you meant the Foreign Key Attributes. What I just dont understand is that in the expression editor it does not allow me to use the PositionType.PositionType column, but only the PositionType.Id column is taken. Must I perhaps set that entities (The PositionType entity for example) PositionType Column as the PK instead of the PositionType.Id column.
Hi Andre

Me again, I finally figured it out. The problem why I couldnt get the expression right is because I added the entities to the wrong preparation. :) Stupid mistake.

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!