Gantt Chart

I'm trying to build a Gantt chart and I'm using version 8.0. From the default charts provided, I don't see this type of charts available. Is this kind of chart possible to build using the default charts option? Or is it needed any additional extension?

Not sure.

by default highcharts does not produce gantt charts, but you may take a look at this:

I do wish they would make a simple include-highcharts webblock so you can build your own chart without any outsystems interference.

(it took me quite some time that outsystems sets some "default" options in their javascript like border-width:0 with pies)

Thanks for the quick reply.

The link you provided seems it can do the trick, but I have to try it.

I was just expecting some out-of-the-box functionality to achieve this, or maybe an extension that could provide me this, since someone may have the same issue as me.

Better question: why do you need a Gantt chart?T

ry playing around with other ways to visualize the information, as well. Gantt charts are okay for static displays of information, but if you're building an app with a dashboard you can usually find other, more powerful ways to do it.

The use case for a Gantt chart is usually "As a [project] manager, I want to be able to easily see which tasks are on schedule and which are late". There are lots of ways to do this. One way which springs to mind is a "stoplight" or "Green-Yellow-Red" display, which management people like even more than Gantt charts. :-)

You could try a 3 column layout where selecting each color executed a filtered query that displayed below. Green = On schedule Yellow = < 10% late Red = >= 10% late.

Sorry it's not a programmatic answer to your question, but as somebody who's done a *lot* of gantt charts I thought I could add a different question to ask.

Hi GP,
Your feedback might be very helpful, so thanks for that, I really appreciated (there's always another way to see the same thing).

My main goal is to translate a currently used app I have in OutSystems, and that's way I wanted a Gantt chart, but I can try to look at it through a different stand point.

A while ago I published a component for Gannt Charts ... take a look a the forge !
Hi Joop,
Actually I did find that JQuery Gantt extension but it is not available, that's why I didn't try it.
It's available ... send me message :-)