Styling a table row

Is there any way of having the ability to add style to the row level of the TableRecords element?  I want to be able to style a row differently based on certain criteria on the row data.  The way I've found around this is to use the extended properties to hardcode the CSS, however, this is not great from a reusability point of view.
not sure what the problem is with the reusability?

you assign a class to the tr, which is pretty reusable to me?

I guess I wasn't clear.  My point was more to do with why there isn't an option for style in the properties of a TableRecords tr when there is for the table and the td.  Struck me as odd.  You're right though, I can just add the class to the tr in the extended properties.
Steve -

I've been wondering the same thing for a while now! It seems like an oversight more than a deliberate decision.


furthermot it always striked me as odd, when you assign a style to the odd-even line style it gets added to the TD's instead of the TR.
which may be correct in the past, but nowadays you should do it on the tr.
(so you can have more control in the css with nth-child)

Yes, that's surprised me a few times as well, as I apply a style to the row, add "!important" and STILL struggle to understand why my style doesn't seem to be working. :D