Issue Uploading From Excel Spreadsheet...

Issue Uploading From Excel Spreadsheet...

I'm new to OutSystems. My company is working with the 30-Day Trial version of the platform. I'm trying to upload a spreadsheet into the Directory sample application using the DirectorySampleData application. Within the UploadEmployees action, another action called ImportAllDataFromExcel is executed. This is where execution hangs for some reason. It sometimes returns a timeout error (according to server logs), and sometimes just stops 'waiting' for OutSystems to respond. This even occurs with the original sample data within the sample application. I'm reasonably sure the problem is not with my Excel file because it has been successfully imported many times. This happened once before, but it just started working again. Now it's no longer uploading once again. Any ideas on what steps I could take to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi Daryl,

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Just got word that you addressed this issue with our awesome support team. Can you share what the issue resolution was in case other community members also need it?

Hi Daryl. Can you chech service center and the application error log of the event log? check if there are any errors. sounds to me like an application pool recycling and this depends on the memory being use by the server to happen. thats why sometimes happen and sometimes doesn't. but I'm not sure. take a look to the logs that I asked for and if you could put some of them here at the time that the error happened it will help. Best regards Carlos Rocha
Thanks for the response guys,

Since my main concern was the employee data, I got around the issue by removing the ImportAllDataFromExcel action from the UploadEmployees action and allowed it to skip importing organization information. It seems that my sample data was causing the database server (Oracle) to stop responding. Support had to kick-start it a couple of times.

Since the heirarchy in my company is structured different that what's in the application, I'm planning to leave that battle for another day.

Thanks for the quick response!