Deploying an external/custom WAR file to JBOSS installed with outsystems

Hello - I have a custom war file that I need to deploy to the JBOSS application server installed with outsystems. It accessible like any other eModule, meaning via port 80 throught he web server. How can I do this?

$JBOSS_HOME/server/outsystems/deploy doesn't seem to work.

Can I create a symbolic link to my war file similar to deploying the admin-console.war? Assuming I have the rights to do this.

Can I do something through integration studio by creating an extention and adding it as resource?


Hi Dan,

If you already deployed the admin-console, then you could just deploy your war using it.

João Rosado
Thanks João. I don't have the access rights to restart jboss so I though it may be possible to attach a war file as a resource to an extention. I tried but this caused timeout errors when publishing the extention so perhaps it was too large. I'll have to find an administrator restart jboss and just do it via the console.