How to change data type currency to display Rands?

Can I change the data type currency(dollas) to display  my country's currency(South African Rands) when uploaded on the webbrowser? I don't want to display my prices in dollas or euro's, I want the to be in Rands(R).

Hi Victor,

Currency attributes are stored as decimals. The display as $ (dollars) or € (euros) is just a formating for on the screen usually done using FormatCurrency built in function which receives, besides the decimal value, the number of decimals and the currency symbol.
What must i do to change the currency symbol to "R "in the" FormatCurrency built in function". It would be very nice to display the currency in Rands as I am selling my product to South African people
The function receives this as a parameter.
You can edit the Site Property Currency in eSpace or ServiceCenter and use variable SiteProperty.Currency in the code or as function parameter. Like that the espace can later be adapted to other customers without new deployments.
Ok ,now I have managed to display all the values under the column"TOTAL" in Rands(R) using this expression FormatCurrency(374.64,"R",2,".","")
but the problem is all values under the column of "TOTAL" become R374.64 which is not what I want. I want to display calculated values under "TOTAL" column to be Rands(R).See attachment. The expression shown in the attachment is MarchBillTable.List.Current.March_bill.TOTAL

Thanx for helping Andre


Use FormatCurrency(MarchBillTable.List.Current.March_bill.TOTAL,"R",2,".","").

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Thanx Andre, Will do