Problem with Form Wizard and Validation

Problem with Form Wizard and Validation

Hallo again,
im currently trying to build that Example shown here:
I ve created my own "step-tabs" to navigate through the steps with ajax-refresh and if-conditions. It works fine and just like i want it to work.
But there is a kind of "display-Problem": if i fill in the first-step-inputs(required to proceed) and then fill in the next-(2nd)-step-inputs and after that go back to the first step, then all previously filled input-fields from first step are marked red with that "Required field" -Message. (but they are filled with prev. inputs and the validator anyway marked them. btw.:navigation-logic is still working)
I know that this is a problem of the validation-mechanism but i really dont know, how to fix that problem in the right way... maybe my wizard-step logic is too complicated and useless...

To understand my problem, i ve added a example file.
Hi Richard,

As you are building a multi-step wizard, I would advise you to do two of the following:

- Change the validation of the inputs to server side only, so that no validations are done on the client. You can validate the form fields yourself in the server logic when the user navigates from one step to the other or in the end of the form. This isn't a typical scenario where you have one single form submission, instead you would have parcial submissions, therefore it is better to use only server side validations;

- Change the current step via javascript, instead of ajax. This way you would only sumbit the form in the last step and validate the fields then. This last option is more complex, so I'd advise you to go with the first.

i would like to use london theme wizard in my application as multi-step wizard but color is not changing for active step dynamically. can anybody help in this? how to change the color dynamically of container.
Hi, as i understood, you can apply a class to your container and change the css dynamically.
Select the container, and on Extended Properties, write class on Name 1 and on Value 1:
If ( Condition, "className1", "className2") . Then in CSS apply the styles you want to that conditions.

Hope it helpes.