Java stack Issue: "Automatic upgrade is not supported in J2EE servers...."

"Automatic upgrade is not supported in J2EE servers. Please upgrade the eSpace with your local Service Studio."

Please add support for automatic upgrade to Outsystems platform java stack.

This feature is available in the .NET stack by default but it is not available in the Java stack.

This is a MUST have feature, manually updating one file at a time is not ideal. 

This would require Service Studio and Integration Studio to be available in Java, which sadly they are not...

Manually publishing each file at a time is a rather painful... 

What Outsystems could do is to solve this problem is...

Option 1)  split the oml, xif file conversion functionality of the app into Windows console apps, now you would have an executable file that performs file conversion only. Now you could port the executable in Linux using wine. Or

Option 2) rewrite the file converter from c# to Java from here it can be used by ServiceCenter.

Option 3) If option 1 and 2 is not something you due to complexity, the last option is to add API functionality to. NET stack, when . NET server is added to Lifetime (Java stack), servicecenter can communicate with the NET server perform file conversion etc then return the binary to the Java stack server center and continue with outsystems solution deployment.

You wouldnt require the entire service studio/integration app with the graphical IDE, just the function to perform file conversion. So automatic upgrade could be performed.